So Why pick a Fish? That too when it’s Thirsty…

Thirsty Fish is a vibrant and talented team that is used to meeting impossibilities. We are unique, dedicated, out-of-the-world, dynamic, very sexy and … SERIOUSLY how much time you got to hear us rant about this?

So if you have the job we will make it happen… So let’s keep it real. Keep it simple. Whatever be your design needs, we are here to offer a compelling mix of sharp design, insight and content; eventually a response-driven creative that not only looks good, but also works hard for your Film/Brand/Event. Established not so long ago, with a vision to play a leading role in the creative design industry. Thirsty Fish has since grown, shaped and matured into maintaining a prominent position and reputation as a diverse body of creative and technical resource. Our competitive advantage comes from accumulated know-how & a sharp eye for aesthetics and design. It’s our ability to always derive “something different” which in turn gives our client the needed edge. So, DIP IN & Enjoy the SPLASH!


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